keep off of the groynes
30th Aug 2015

A brilliant talk by Café Scientifique on coastal erosion in Sussex reminded me how lucky we are in Brighton to have our coastal defences. People often grumble that we have a pebbly beach. Well, it is that beach that keeps Brighton from washing into the sea. If you have a look at the picture below, you can see the extent of our wonderful beaches.

sandbags and flooding
27th Aug 2015

In light of the previous year’s dramatic weather insurers have paid out £1.19 billion due to flood and storm damage. Reported figures indicate insurers handled over 450,000 claims last year from homeowners, businesses and motorists.

9th Aug 2015

2013 has been a little unusual with regards to weather patterns. It’s hard to remember mid-March now that it is sunny, but back then it was weird.

debating hall
18th Jul 2015

The Cambridge Debating Society was founded almost 200 years ago and is arguably the world’s oldest such society. The Society is drenched in history and has hosted a myriad of world leaders, religious leaders, scientific minds and Olympic legends. The debating chamber echoes this rich history with opposing rows of leather chairs arranged expectantly and assorted photographs of previous debaters adorning the walls.

A cartographer
23rd May 2015

Argyll prides itself on providing a very professional service which includes a well presented and readable report with suitable assessment results. Part of the report and one element which can reflect the many data results and textual elements of the report are the maps that are embedded within. These maps have developed since Argyll started providing Flood Risk reports as all of the analysis, assessment and maps were generated in house and therefore we had much more control over how it is represented. This is important within any company as the style of the report should reflect the company ethos and can set it apart from its competitors.

planning with a map
22nd May 2015

To continue the blog on mapping for Argyll reports, I will discuss how to present your map, which is harder than you may think. Organisations such as Ordnance Survey or the French equivalent (IGN) have been in operation for many centuries and were initially set up to provide mapping for military purposes, primarily to work out how to kill people from afar (Ordnance being a military term for munitions). If it has taken them many centuries to get where they are today, with fantastic and informative mapping, turning around a new product in hours is not going to happen as everyone has an opinion which must be listened to and incorporated, if feasible, in the final product.

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