oily road
18th Apr 2015

I took some photos the other day that demonstrate the knock-on effects of contamination from vehicle rental businesses. At first, you wouldn’t think that a vehicle hire business would cause any contamination, but when vehicles are jet-washed engine oil or petrol spills can be washed down the yard. The area is supposed to have proper drainage, but these photos show that oil that has been carried by water to the pavement and road in front of the premises. This is just one of the many details that Argyll consultants bear in mind when assessing a site for contaminated land risk. Vehicle rental sites may also carry a risk from fuel or oil stored on site.

living above water
14th Apr 2015

With flood warnings an ever more regular feature of our weather reports, architects and developers are beginning to look for ways to allow people to live without the fear of their homes getting a soaking. If we cannot stop the floodwater rising, perhaps we need to learn to build homes that can work with it?

lights off
25th Mar 2015

On the 23rd March people across the world switched off all lights and non-essential devices at 8:30pm for an hour in an attempt to campaign against climate change. Over 150 countries took part in this event which originated in Australia in 2007, showing their support towards tackling this global problem.

19th Jul 2014

As FIFA’s 2014 World Cup in Brazil reaches its climax, the PR-driven glow of FIFA’s apparent efforts to host an environmentally friendly sporting event are being called into question.

13th Apr 2014

Our preoccupation as a people with fossil fuel based energy supply has taken on a new guise in recent times. We have long been aware that our dependence is both unsustainable and insatiable for fossil fuel energies; however we have now arguably gone a step further down the line to sub-consciously reinforcing this dependence.

beer bottle tops
27th Mar 2014

I wanted to write a blog about how to reduce your risk from groundwater flooding in London by drinking local beer, but it turned out to be more complicated than that.

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