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14th Apr 2013

Friday 6th September, pouring with rain and I am on my way to the Brighton Globe for the annual DConstruct conference 2013. Consequent of the weather I turn up to a hall full of wet, soggy geeks, each clutching onto a hot tea or coffee and trying to find an empty space where they aren’t found ‘in the way’.

van drives through flood
2nd Apr 2013

Over Winter 2012/13 the United Kingdom once again saw vast flooding affecting thousands of people. Towns and cities such as Aberwstwyth and York, and areas in Devon are just some of the places that were adversely affected by the widespread flooding.

Furthermore, it is not just properties that were directly affected; infrastructure lines to Devon were severely impacted causing disruption, delays and in the worst cases leaving people stranded.

28th Mar 2013

In November 2012 the Great Western Canal near Tiverton breached its banks for the first time since it was constructed 200 years ago, following heavy rainfall. The canal wall was weakened as water overtopped the banks, eroding and weakening the sides, causing a 100ft section to break.

25th Mar 2013

The Flood Practice Note issued by the Law Society on 23rd May is the latest in a series of guidance documents which have brought flooding to the forefront of the increasing range of environmental considerations to be addressed during property transactions.

17th Mar 2013

So following on from our previous snowman blog,  we wondered how many snowmen it would take to make a significant difference to the peak flow during snow melt. Well a starting point is to calculate how many snowmen are actually possible.

15th Mar 2013

Argyll’s team of consultants has recently pondered the effect of the recent weather on local flood risk. While we enjoyed a few days of snow before the ensuing travel disruption became monotonous, we pondered what would become of all this snow once the weather warmed. Large areas of Sussex and the UK remain snow covered while many of the urban areas are no longer fairy tale postcards.

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