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6th Oct 2015

Recycling is a many splendored thing, but it is no panacea. No matter how much we recycle, there is always some waste and considerable energy used in the destruction and recreation of products.

3rd Oct 2015

So you think that nothing you can do will make a difference to the global picture? That your voice is too small to be heard? That it is only the large corporates that can make a difference? Well, here’s an example to show otherwise.

air pollution
30th Sep 2015

The effect of air quality on human health has been well documented recently. With several reports emerging linking air pollution to heart disease and strokes and the closure of a children’s playground in London by the Major’s office during a stint of significant pollution last February; a BBC documentary explored how air quality is affecting our health.

25th Sep 2015

The Arctic has often been at the height of climate change debates, due to the rapidity of changes in the region as a result of Arctic amplification of global warming and the associated high risk of extinction to well-known species (for instance, the polar bear).

22nd Sep 2015

When will it be the end of the line?

A recent film by this title charts the recent demise and future of our oceans in light on the continualgrowth of commercialised fishing from the 1950s onwards.

sewer flooding
17th Sep 2015

Although largely not an issue to the majority of the population, sewer flooding is an occurrence that may be far too familiar to some and can be often overlooked when considering sources of property flooding. Although generally not a direct result of natural sources of flooding, sewer flooding events generally occur when the provisions put in place to alleviate the risk of flooding become overwhelmed from heavy flash flooding, collapsing drains or as a result of blockages caused by the inappropriate disposal of everyday waste, most notably toiletries and kitchen waste.

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