Argyll works closely with air quality specialists to provide air quality assessments associated with planning applications, ranging from small scale residential developments up to large industrial projects.

Our service is designed to help you clearly understand if air quality is a problem at your site, provide practical advice to either help you discharge planning conditions, or prevent future problems from industrial activity.

We provide these reports with first class customer service, ensuring that we always deliver a solution, not just a report.

Breathe in Brighton - Help us tackle 
Brighton’s air pollution


The air we breathe is vitally important and is often taken for granted. Poor air quality is a huge issue in the UK and reduces everyone’s life expectancy by an average of 6 months, costing the NHS up to £20 billion a year*. Air pollution levels, specifically Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), continue to exceed EU and UK standards for a number of roads in Brighton. It is now considered to be a major public health emergency.

* Defra Air Quality Strategy, 2007 or (DEFRA, 2007)

Breathe in Brighton is a campaign run by Argyll Environmental and Brighton Peace and Environment Centre. The aim of the campaign is to inform the public about the negative health impacts of poor air quality in Brighton, Hove and across Sussex. We are working collaboratively with the community, schools and the Council to support the education of the problem whilst identifying viable solutions in the process.

As part of the campaign we organised a public event in September, with the help of a number of guest speakers including local council members, Keith Taylor (Green MEP) and a number of Air Quality scientists from the University of Brighton. Over 120 people attended the event and we were met with great feedback from the local community and surrounding businesses. Following the event we met with the Local Council to discuss their next steps to improve air quality in Brighton. We are now working collaboratively with them to offer community engagement in support of the consultation for the introduction of a Clean Air Zone.

As part of the campaign, we are also working with Sussex Wildlife Trust and Sustrans to run workshops at local schools. These workshops will include activities to educate teachers and promote the importance of sustainable transport, whilst also highlighting the sources and impacts of air pollution.

Are you a teacher or parent who wants to know more about air quality?

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This newsletter gives an overview of the health and environmental impacts of air quality, some tips to reduce pollutant exposure and ways local residents can find out about air quality levels where they live.

If you are a member of the public and you want to find out more about air quality, please contact us.

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