For individuals, companies or local authorities with large property portfolios, experts in environmental law are able to help with asset management, whether it is helping to manage Real Estate that you currently own or supporting the moving of a large number of properties - for example, from local authority to private landlord ownership.

The Environmental Lawyer

The help from experts in environmental law comes in the form of risk-assessing an entire property portfolio and then providing solutions for assets that are most at risk from things such as contaminated land or flooding. The aim is to protect the asset value while providing practical risk-management solutions. When property is transferred from local authorities to private landlords, the process is known as a Large Scale Voluntary Transfer (LSVT). Such transfers involving a large number of assets can mean identifying many environmental risks, and experts in environmental law have the documents and tools to conduct this process as quickly and efficiently as possible while providing comprehensive reports and advice. They of course also cover the issue of conservation and what likely levels of construction could be carried out in the future.

Ultimately, these experts have the information, qualifications and experience to deliver a comprehensive service for portfolios involving large numbers of properties. By the way, when real estate is being purchased a full set of risk assessment investigations should be carried out to ensure that there are no environmental issues (such as pollution from chemicals, waste water or sewage) that could adversely affect the value of the real estate or create a liability for the new owner in the future.

Ensuring the Health of Your Real Estate Portfolio

While it may not be immediately obvious, environmental consultants also have a role to play in the Tax and Financial Services sector, particularly with regard to pension providers. Environmental consultants can help pension providers to manage, control and improve the environmental aspects of their property portfolios. This is important for ensuring that schemes retain their overall value and can include providing block policy environmental insurance cover.

Environmental Law

Compliance with environmental law is essentially a regulatory issue, which is how experts in environmental law come into their own. They can be commissioned by clients, including individuals, companies or law firms, to produce reports on a huge variety of environmental issues. These include reports covering agricultural, residential or commercial property as well as environmental issues such as highways, air quality and energy.

They also have to Provide technical analysis, their reports should be easy to understand and provide commentary regarding the entire extent of the property. They should also include PI cover and the opportunity to contact the person who wrote the report if anything is unclear or the client has any questions. If you have concerns regarding the regulation of environmental issues, then there is also the possibility that you may need insurance that provides protection from third-party claims, business interruption and potential legal / court action in relation to an environmental issue. Such insurance cover can often be provided by firms that offer environmental law expertise, meaning that there is a significant connection between risk management and insurance.

As well as being experts in environmental law, the agency or consultancies that deal with this area also need to have expertise in commercial law and litigation. This can include conducting compliance audits on environmental, social, ethical and health and safety issues which can impact on businesses. Issues relating to compliance in these areas can affect businesses by increasing costs caused by fines and enforcement, and these will have a knock-on effect on the value and productivity of a business as well as its reputation.

Compliance risks can include a number of different issues such as asbestos, flood, contaminated land and energy performance. Environmental law consultancies can help to identify the risks and provide data and analysis in the form of reports to help businesses to manage the risks and ensure compliance with the law and regulations. Reports in relation to contaminated land may include a thorough ground investigation to assess the level of contamination, while reports on flood risks could include predictions using topographical data to help identify the likelihood of flood risk on a particular piece of land or property. Environmental experts with commercial expertise are well placed to advise on negotiating prices in commercial transactions, applications for planning permission and leasehold renewals.

Experts in Environmental Issues

The unique thing about experts in environmental law is that they must be experts in the law relating to environmental issues while also being knowledgeable about a wide range of commercial and property transactions. They are able to conduct risk assessments across a large number of properties, meaning that companies and individuals with property portfolios can be reassured as all of their risk management is in one place. They are also unique in that they work with law firms for the benefit of commercial and private clients, providing reports and analysis on environmental issues that can make or break property transactions. They must have a broad knowledge of both commercial and environmental law and the ability to produce reports that, while communicating the high level of detail required, also provide content that is easy to understand and accessible to both lawyers and laymen alike.

Let The Argyll Team Be Your Guide

The good news is that the specialist professional team at Argyll Environmental have access to all the technology, resources and experience they need on the wide range of subjects that are connected with environmental legislation, and can thus offer your business all the support it needs. Over the years we have supported a range of clients from the small business to the large corporate body, so we know we can offer you the guidance you need in coping with the range of laws the government has put into place.

Please see our case studies with cover many of the projects we have been involved with in the past and as these will show you why we are one of the leading providers of Environmental legal services, and please do contact for more information about specialist service we provide.

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