The young inventors presented their ideas at the ONCA gallery, a creative space in Brighton to an audience of their parents and a panel of judges. The judges included, Dr. Kev Wyche (a Lecturer in Atmospheric Science at the University of Brighton), Bruno Beloff (Director of South Coast Science), Lawrence Hill (Director of Brighton Digital Festival), Simon Riley (Maker club CEO) and, Jaime Bainbridge (Consultancy Manager) from Argyll Environmental. 

When the children presented their ideas we were taken through the intricacies of the BioPig - a fan blown air-scrubbing contraption and The Pollutionmetre - the public emoji metre to make people aware of air pollution levels. Other ideas included transportation by segways as an alternative to cars, and using plant cell components to create a mesh to filter air pollution, an idea spawned by the aptly named group "CO2 of a Kind".

Questions about smelly cheese were raised (is it pollution??) and the dangers of cowpats (which really are a big deal). The young inventors also talked about pollution and how it made them feel, and explored air pollution maps of Brighton, thanks to Lizzie and Alex from the Argyll Team.

It was an invigorating and positive experience. Thanks to the Maker Club for making it happen.

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