Zedify is the UK’s first zero-emissions urban cycle logistics and consolidation network. We decided to find out more about what service they offer and how they are contributing towards cleaner air and less congested streets.

What is Zedify and how does it work?
“Launching on the 21st June 2018, Zedify is the UK’s first zero-emissions urban cycle logistics and consolidation network. We operate electric cargo bikes and the occasional van to provide our customers with professional, efficient and clean logistics services that also help to make our cities nicer places.”

Why did you start Zedify?
“Zedify is the new name for two established companies with over 20 years of industry experience – Recharge Cargo, and Outspoken Delivery. I launched Recharge Cargo five years ago in Brighton to demonstrate that cargo bikes can deliver much more than many people imagine across our cities, without contributing to congestion and air pollution. But we’re here to shake up the logistics business even more and prove that all deliveries can be made smarter and with zero emissions in urban areas. Together, as Zedify, we're now operating out of six depots nationwide and have exciting plans for the future of urban logistics. We want people to rethink how they see us – not just as cycle couriers moving a few small items around Brighton and London, but as a full logistics and consolidation solution for urban areas.”

What would you say has helped Zedify get to where it is now?
“Like any business we have had our setbacks, so I would say we are largely here today because we kept going and believing in what we were doing! Zedify is unique in being able to provide our customers with a bespoke and local service wherever we operate. Our approach of always operating out of local consolidation depots in cities helps us to develop close connections with our customers.

We are also seeing big benefits from developing our own technology with our ISO accredited IT partners to ensure our deliveries are done more efficiently and making it easier for customers by providing online booking of deliveries and electronic proof of delivery.”

How has it been received in the cities you operate in?
“Brilliantly! Over the years we’ve diversified a lot. We started mostly doing parcel delivery for big courier businesses and have branched out to support local and regional businesses and local authorities. It’s fascinating how different the customers are for each of our city operations. In Brighton, we do a lot of coffee and food, whereas in Cambridge it’s more lab samples, documents and other professional services. The public, and our customers are generally very supportive, and pleased to have a clean air alternative for their deliveries.”

What kind of clients do you work with?
“Any client who needs things collected or delivered within the city. Office suppliers, printers, food producers & wholesalers, coffee roasters, parcel companies, local authorities, magazines, florists, universities, to name a few.  Our main strength is multi-drop work where we can provide highly efficient distribution and delivery.

What people often don’t realise is that we also ship goods globally, so we can take care of all our customers’ logistics via our partnerships with other carriers. This ensures the first mile is still zero-emissions.”

What benefits does Zedify bring to a city/an organisation?
“For cities, we’re making a small contribution towards cleaner air and less congested streets. For our customers, we provide an efficient and friendly service, but perhaps more importantly, a strong selling point - their customers always love seeing their deliveries made by cargo bike. This can really help drive sales for organisations who are keen to demonstrate their social and environmental credentials.”

How do you think Zedify can be utilised further throughout Brighton and other cities?
“We’re only just getting started! Zedify is thinking big about the future of cities and how we can help address issues like climate change, public health and the wellbeing of urban populations.  Research* (*https://www.research.manchester.ac.uk/portal/files/40421943/cyclelogistics.pdf ) has shown that over 50% of freight trips in cities can be handled by cargo bikes, and we can imagine a future where that’s normal in all our cities.”

What are the biggest challenges you face?
“We’re very small, and the market is still dominated by the big couriers. Our cities are tough places to navigate by bike. We have big plans for expansion, but the biggest challenge is one shared by many small businesses – how to get the word out there so we can scale up and have an impact.”


Zedify is an example of a unique business which directly aids the reduction in air pollution at a local scale. The Breathe in Brighton event was designed to inform the public and to shine a light on these businesses and help identify other solutions to remedy the negative impacts of air pollution. For more information about air quality and our Breathe in Brighton campaign, check out our twitter page https://twitter.com/BreatheBrighton

Lizzie Murray-Clark BSc (Hons) MSc PIEMA

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