31st Jul 2019

A new recommendation from Natural England has resulted in a halt in planning permissions in the Solent area including Fareham, Gosport, Havant, East Hampshire and Portsmouth. The advice from Natural England has stated that all new-build houses need to be nitrate-neutral after the ongoing problem of high levels of nitrogen in the catchment from housing and agriculture.


26th Jul 2019

During hot weather it is hard to imagine that flash flooding may be a prominent risk. However, the conditions that occur during warm weather can lead to detrimental impacts.

20th Jun 2019

Clean Air Day provides a prompt for individuals and societies to reflect upon their own experiences of local air quality, and a time to consider how we, as individuals, can take initiative in making our environment and society a cleaner place. This year, Breathe in Brighton are focusing on the impacts of engine idling.

17th Jun 2019

Today the Coal Authority has issued a technical guidance note following the review of findings into a large subsidence event in north-east England. The guidance hopes to bring further awareness to the risk posed by historical mining at development sites.


12th Jun 2019

The Environment Agency (EA) has published a new guidance document on the management of contaminated land. The new document is a user-friendly guide that has been aimed at anyone that may need to manage or deal with land contamination, including landowners, developers, planners and regulators.

8th May 2019

Flooding is the most common natural hazard in the UK. A shift in flood risk management in recent years has seen a push towards community engagement to help communities understand and act towards their risk. To enable this, better communication of flood risk should be implemented to improve the response to this risk.

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