Protecting Your Business

Due Diligence has become a major fact of life in business today, all companies and organisations knowing that anyone investing in them in the future, is likely to be checking out their ‘environmental credentials’ . These potential investors have to do this, as a mistake in unknowingly purchasing some contaminated land (and thus possibly becoming the ‘responsible party’) could cost a company a lot of money as well as possibly having a bad effect on their ‘standing’.

Thus one of the most important jobs of an Environmental Consultancy has is ensuring that any land investments are only made after full investigations have been carried out and all the environmental regulations and issues have been checked. This is why at Argyll, we carry out tailored assessments that highlight all areas of concern, and how the necessary improvements of the real estate could be made. This ensures that your business is given the support it needs without any setbacks due to not following the complex environmental regulations that are in force today.

Historical Use of Land

As a part of any investigation, consultants also check on the possible negative environmental impact that any activities carried out by previous businesses on the site may have made. This covers checking on the contamination of air, land or water.

Flood Risk Assessments

Flood risks, an increasingly important issue, are also taken into account as other local factors, which have nothing to do with the land in question could be at work to increase the flooding risk. It is such checks as these that make the difference and why the selection of an Environmental Consultant has to be so carefully considered.

Managing Emergencies

Environmental Consultancies can also help companies plan carefully for the worst, just in case it happens. By undertaking a detailed risk assessment of your site and its associated flood risk, steps to improve the environmental management of any land can be carried out, these including ways in which protection measures can be put in place to reduce any damage. By using the expertise of consultants, you can protect your business and property and ensure that any damage is minimised,, thus getting your business up and running again as soon as possible after any flooding occurs.

Building a Greener World

Consultants are also uniquely qualified to suggest renewable energy sources that would suit your business. In this way you can contribute to turning back the impact of climate change as your business benefits from the positive effects renewable energy can have on your budget. This may involve calculating whether the outlay on one particular type of renewable energy system would pay for itself within a reasonable period, or whether a different one would be better suited to the company.

In fact, there are many government incentive schemes that encourage companies make greener choices. A management team can identify which schemes would best suit your business and help you apply for the associated funding.

Areas of Expertise at Argyll

Different consultants and consultancies have different interests and areas of expertise. The consultant best suited to your business and issue will be selected so as to ensure you receive the best possible advice. For example, some consultants may be experts in asbestos management and able to give advice on how best to remove this toxic threat. Others may have many years of experience in working with companies that have been sanctioned after a failure to comply with their environmental responsibilities, and they can help the company make changes that bring them back in line with these regulations.

There are also consultants that come from a more environmentalist side that can work with companies or institutions that want to build a business that is as green and as sustainable as possible. Whether your project is big or small, spanning a couple of months or several years, Argyll has a specialist for you.

Ground Investigations and Contaminated Land

Environmental consultants can help your business at key moments of land acquisition, the expertise present in our ground investigation services team allowing us to study and assess plots and properties to give you confidence in this area before you make your investment.

Assessments can also be used to help you to make well-informed offers on properties, as you would be fully aware of any weak spots. It can also assist those hoping to make changes to their land use and who need planning permission to do so. Information about contamination, soil quality or details about building materials can all help buyers or developers move forward with their plans with more confidence.

Remediation Works – Sustainability is a Key Factor

Sometimes the investigation works carried out shows that there has been and will be damage to the environment. That in many cases leads to the requirement for remedial works to be carried out in order that the ecological damage can be put right. This requires a programme of works to be put into operation, the operations having to be done with sustainability in mind. Such works may entail a degree of ‘natural engineering’ as well as other steps to ensure that the local environment is not negatively affected in any way, this especially being important in urban areas.

Environmental consultants can help you and your business make choices that not only ensure that all government regulations are complied with, but also improve your business's impact on the planet. Many consultants are passionate about helping businesses grow and about reducing the impact of global warming. By making small changes in how we deal with waste, and exploring renewable energy sources, businesses of any size can save money and be more environmentally responsible.

Find out how our support can help your business grow and comply with complex government regulations. With a combination of desk-based assessment, reports and on-site auditing, Argyll can identify areas of concern whether you are thinking of a large-scale redevelopment or just looking to ensure that you understand the flood risks your business or property portfolio faces, we can help you navigate the complex world of regulations and environmental issues.

Let us Help You With Your Land Portfolio Strategy

In the past we have assisted a wide range of sectors, public, corporate and commercial organisations, in all cases ensuring that our client is provided with a professional service by the right type of specialists. The knowledge that we have and impart to our clients enables them to the make the strategic decisions necessary in today’s fast moving world.

Whatever your sector, at Argyll we have the resources, skills and technical knowledge and the range of products you need, please contact us for more information.

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These consultancy services have been designed to support the redevelopment, transaction, corporate decision-making or investment(s) in land and property. If you require something more bespoke, or a variation of any of the listed services, then we would love to hear from you.

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