The Landmark Academy portal provides solicitors with free, online access to easy-to-digest webinars and guidance by widely-acclaimed experts on a range of environmental and property-specific issues including flood risk, energy & infrastructure, contaminated land and planning law.

It provides an audit trail of all accessed content, enabling lawyers to easily create and share an activity log of CPD activities undertaken, which is one of the new requirements outlined by the SRA.

Introduction to the AcademyIntroduction to the Academy

How the Academy helps solicitors meet the SRA competency requirements, and introduction to the main presenters.

Contaminated LandContaminated Land

Looking at the risks presented by contaminated land, carrying out the right searches and advising clients.


Looking at the basics of planning law and what is provided by the various searches, including the Landmark Plansearch Plus report.

Flood RiskFlood Risk

Looking at why flood risk is such an important issue for property owners and how to carry out the necessary due diligence and provide practical advice.

Energy and InfrastructureEnergy and Infrastructure

Looking at some of the big infrastructure projects that can affect properties several miles away. Many of these issues are highly controversial but will permanently change the landscape of the country.

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These consultancy services have been designed to support the redevelopment, transaction, corporate decision-making or investment(s) in land and property. If you require something more bespoke, or a variation of any of the listed services, then we would love to hear from you.

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