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As a purchaser this is often an essential piece of due diligence, informing you of risk and ensuring you are not purchasing a facility that presents an ongoing liability, or requires significant capital expenditure. Additionally, as a vendor you are likely to find that a recent environmental inspection is beneficial in speeding up a sale, avoiding delays in the conveyancing process.

Site Solutions Inspect

The Site Solutions Inspect is a high-level inspection, incorporating a review of environmental data, consultation with the regulatory bodies and a Site inspection by a qualified environmental auditor. The report will identify any soil and groundwater liabilities, as well as significant issues associated with the management and operation of your Site. Where necessary, recommendations for key improvements will be made. The SiteSolutions Inspect is designed to be a quick and low-cost inspection, presenting to highlight key and relevant information.

Phase One Compliance

Compliance issues can give rise to significant costs, enforcements and fines, and ultimately effect the value or productivity of a business. Our Phase One Compliance report is designed for permitted sites, of sites with complex operations.

Our team of experts have extensive environmental compliance auditing experience across many different types of businesses.

Our Phase One Compliance report incorporates all the information and data which underpins the Site Solutions Inspect report. However, the Phase One Compliance report goes further to offer a more detailed assessment of the Site and its operations. As well as reporting on compliance and pollution risks, we also oer a description of the full operational process, including storage, handling and processing, and where necessary suggest minor improvements which could be made to ensure your facility is following best-practice wherever possible.

Our services are designed to help you clearly understand compliance risk at your site and provide practical and relevant advice to help you manage these risks.


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These reports have been designed to satisfy environmental due-diligence requirements during a property (or land) transaction. If you require something more bespoke, or a variation of any of the listed reports, then we would love to hear from you.

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